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Saturday, 24.02., 19:30 – 21.30 STUDIO

Sunday, 25.02., 19:00 – 21:00 STUDIO


Welcome at Instant Integration – one call away, the game that will test your willingness to integrate yourself!

Be part of its creation.

Send us your questions. Send us your music and thoughts.

How do they call you – native, post-migrant, traditional, modern performer, hedonistic?

Do you think monogamous relationships are boring?

Do you think oven-ready meals are disgusting?

What is your favorite beer?

Is public kissing ok?

What is it that you are afraid of in the dark?

What is your favorite TV program?

When and why should one cover their head?

What would you do with 10.000 Euro?

What is it that annoys you about your neighbor?

Which music would be suitable for a first date?

How should one approach a woman?

What is a real man?

How many languages do you speak?

What do you think love is?

Which color is the future?

Everything you always wanted to know or did not want to know about ‘the other’ in our society. Everything that you never dared to ask. Everything that you should ask yourself.

Who fits together, who becomes friends, who would rather stay alone?

Come into our dance café of the future and find out! Discreet, noncommittal, with music and drinks.

DIRECTOR Lajos Talamonti STAGE DESIGN Dominik von Stillfried MUSIC Friedrich Greiling PROGRAMMING Florian Fischer DRAMATURGE Steffi Bub
WITH Talamonti and you

PREMIERE 14 Dec 17

STUDIO, approx. 1 ¼